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AirMAX - Internet Service Provider - Additional upload
Web camera in your company - additional UPLOAD for your Internet connection

Upload - in IT: a process being the opposite of download. It is based on sending files or other chunks of data to a server or a computer of another user.

Internet connections used for home purposes, are frequently asymmetric in nature – mainly due to their relatively low price – meaning that their upload speed is lower than the download one.

Nevertheless, in the case of some applications, high data upload transfer is needed. It can be of tremendous importance in the case of, for example:

  • Transmitting image from an IP camera or a video capturing device
  • Organizing video conferences (for example via Skype) during which video data are sent
  • Frequently sending large portions of data via Skype, e-mail, FTP
  • Managing one’s own WWW server

If you want to watch image from a WWW camera on your phone or during holiday, it is the right solution for you.

Example of image transfer interferences caused by an insufficient UPLOAD speed.

Properly transmitted image thanks to a decent UPLOAD speed.

Order the extra UPLOAD service.