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We offer you the possibility of creating an IP monitoring system by means of utilization of CCTV cameras transmitting both sound and image in an IP network. Both sound and video files can be played live, saved on the hard drive of a computer or stored in a VDR device.

Our company utilizes ACTi cameras and recorders, the functions of which are as follows:

Detailed reporting and statistics

Quick activeness assessment and operation check, as well as charts with a comprehensible effectiveness statistics visualization.

Activeness distribution - Analysis of the distribution of key events from the last 24 hours. Disk usage  - amount of free space on hard drivers of recorders (NVR).
Camera activeness - check when the amount of events is the highest. Recorder load  - charts showing data sent to and received from the device, as well as CPU load.

Numerous views

airVision offers full freedom in previewing and managing video files captures by devices being a part of user’s monitoring system.

Device view - all the available devices are presented in an organized and detailed list. Map view  - load the plan of a building or use Google Maps to manage your monitoring system.
Live view - check the image from one or more cameras live in a set format.  


Versatility in camera placement

Comprehensive camera and recorder configuration options, as well as analyses for each device set in a chosen location.

Details - check key parameters of your cameras, such as IP, firmware, uptime, or detection mode. Archive - preview archived video files from a given camera.
Operation monitor - analyze connection quality and camera uptime by means of user-friendly chats. Configuration  - adjust basic parameters, such as resolution, as well as those more advanced ones, for example – frames per second (FPS).
Event recording

airVision offers users numerous options and configuration modes allowing to properly control what cameras capture.

Advanced analysis

Configure and adjust your very own movement detection zones. You can set several of them and choose a different alarm sensitivity level, depending on situation.