We protect the enviroment

The AirMAX network takes care of the environment with care and concern. We implement our own environmental impact reduction program through several strategies such as:

Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

In cooperation with the company Solarus we have replaced the central heating installation from the coal boiler to heat pump, which allowed emissions of harmful combustion products to be excluded and the overall energy efficiency of central heating has increased.

Alternate powering of transmitters

In many places where we have internet transmitters, we install alternative power sources - photovoltaic solar panels in conjunction with wind power generators. As a result, our base stations are increasingly powered by natural earth and sun energy.

Care for distributed products

Any electronic devices that we offer to our customers meet RoHS requirements and during their manufacture the use of harmful or toxic substances is minimized or completely excluded. At the same time, we pay close attention to the proper process of collecting and disposing of electronic waste.

Environmental education

Thanks to enviromental training of our employees, we have been able to reduce our electricity consumption by 25% by switching off unnecessary lighting, computer hardware, etc.