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Free trial period

Order today the Airmax ultra-fast and unlimited Internet access kit, you will receive the package with the kit within 24 hours.

You can activate the set over the phone and you will be able to enjoy a 2-week free trial period.

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Pieńki Stolarskie
5 simple steps

How to become an AirMAX user?

Access devices, guidebooks in Polish, connection price-lists, as well as exemplary, negotiable agreement templates will be provided to you via the DPD Courier Company within two days from the moment of order placement.

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The best internet in your home

Internet in your town!

If there is no access to ultra-fast and unlimited Internet in your place of residence or you last ISP has let your down (with regard to price, transfer speed, or the lack of reliability), contact us and we will set up a state-of-the-art transmitted in your town!

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We support health and the environment

AirMAX is a company strongly connected with young people, we attach great importance to their interests, not only related to the Internet but also to sport and recreation.

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The AirMAX network takes care of the environment with care and concern. We implement our own environmental impact reduction program through several strategies...

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