WWW designing

The website management software supplied by the Airmax Company is just perfect for commerce or publishing materials on the Net thanks to a myriad of useful tools and functions.

Intuitive use, numerous integrations, unlimited hosting packet, as well as the lack of installation and extra fees makes the cooperation with our company the best solution available.

Why are our websites best ones?

Thanks to the utilization of our software, you are granted the access to numerous functions making it possible to efficiently manage your own webpage. You can choose a suitable menu, numerous online payment forms, goods shipment methods, photo galleries, and many more.

Thanks to the intuitive Administration Panel, you can always monitor the number of visits, the amount of items purchased in your shop, as well as you can manage the content of your website. The creation of a website or an Internet portal allows you to adjust the offered content to specific needs and requirements. Owning a website has never been so easy and enjoyable!

What will you receive from us?

Aside from the software itself, we ensure a comprehensive hosting of your shop on a dedicated server, full marketing and technical support, help with shop launching, toll-free consultations with marketing and promotion experts, free updates, and the ability to add your own domains. You can also use one of several ready-made graphic layouts and change whenever you want.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

We are predominantly characterized by an individual approach to every single Customer, as well as top quality customer and technical servicing. We are fully aware of the fact that cooperation can be fruitful only when you sell your goods and constantly develop your online business, so we will support you at the every stage of your expansion, help you with promotional undertakings, and tell you what tools to use to achieve success.

Our advisors are at your disposal and if there happen to be any questions or problems, they will be honored to help you and share their knowledge with you. We design individual layouts for our shops in compliance with customers’ requirements.

To ensure you the full comfort of operation, we will take care about server and hosting management, so you will be able to focus only on selling your goods or services.

How will we support your business?

Thanks to us, you will have the access not only to state-of-the-art professional shop or website software. Thanks to additional tools you will be able to offer your customers a virtually unlimited number of goods, as well as convenient payment options. You will have the full insight into the database of thousands of prospective Customers.

What else can we do for you?

We constantly focus on the needs of our customers and introduce updates allowing you to enjoy the best and most innovative pieces of software on the market. We also take a proper care of the safety of our shops, which are installed on dedicated servers in one of the biggest server centers.

Thanks to that, you will have the guarantee that your data are safe and your website will be always accessible.

Everyday backups of data strictly connected with your online shop ensure the complete safety of your information. The access to the Administration Panel of your shop is secured with an encrypted SSL connection.

Airmax website is:

  1. New quality – even better image of your company online
  2. Comprehensive website / shop / portal servicing
  3. Quick and pleasant communication – immediate consultations
  4. Even better position on the market – with us, you can boost your sales
  5. Airmax will promote your website quickly and efficiently; we will also help you generate more sales
  6. Airmax will take care of your visibility – do not let the competition overshadow you
  7. We will create your website from the very beginning to the very end in a reasonable price
  8. Do not let others deceive you. Start cooperating with us and check out how much you can save!

Our offer for companies:

  • webpages
  • e-commerce portals
  • visual identification
  • social media pages (Facebook)
  • social media creation
  • Internet marketing
  • copywriting and advertising slogans
  • positioning (SEO and SEM)
  • referral programs
  • dedicated hosting
  • dedicated applications
  • interactive presentations

Our offer for institutions:

  • websites
  • PIB – Public Information Bulleting
  • TIS – Tourist Information Systems
  • ITM – Interactive Town Maps
  • dedicated hosting
  • dedicated applications
  • interactive presentations