AirVPN connection / band leasing

VPN (Virtual Private Network), can be characterized as a tunnel through which data between end customers are exchanged via a public network (for example via the Internet) in such a way that the nodes of the network are transparent for the sent data chunks. Information sent via the discussed tunnel can be additionally encrypted or compressed in order to ensure higher transfer quality or greater safety.

AirVPN is a data transmission service utilized to connect distant LAN networks owned by a Customer in an integral whole (a comprehensive WAN network). The discussed service takes full advantage of the IP protocol which is widely used in modern telecom-related industry to satisfy the majority of needs connected with data flow. AirVPN is a service that is fully managed by the AirMAX Company, so the role of the Client is limited to the specification of network functionalities and the identification of networks to be connected. All the responsibilities strictly connected with administering devices connected to the VPN network are fulfilled by the representatives of the AirMAX Company. AirVPN connections can be utilized together with various transmission-specific technologies, such as WiMAX. Data packets are prioritized in order to ensure the full exploitation of the available bandwidth of the VPN network and setting key transition parameters, such as: data loss threshold, delay threshold, as well as jitter settings that are needed by Client’s applications and voice/image transmission systems.

AirVPN network is characterized by:

  • reliability,
  • high efficiency,
  • safety.

Benefits for the Customer:

  • fast, safe, and reliable transmission network,
  • guarantee of the full security of exchanged data packets
  • possibility of setting traffic priorities based on QoS (Quality of Service), which is the guarantee of stable operation of key applications, such as SAP, or ERP, CRM, and MRP databases,
  • ability to ensure all the workers fast and secure Internet connection - AirExpress
  • opportunity to additionally protect data by means of the internal VPN encryption
  • ability to setup backup connections securing most important applications,
  • possibility of remarkably reducing phone call costs by using Internet communication, which is not only cheaper in the case of both domestic and international connections but also ensures toll-free communication between company’s divisions,
  • ability to fully utilize the benefits of most state-of-the-art solutions, such as video-conferences,
  • chance to expand the existing network basing on the increasing needs and structural complexity of the company,
  • guarantee that workload is monitored by the system 24/7/365,
  • possibility of fully focusing on client’s business as the supervision over the system is exercised by the AirMAX team

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