HD quality monitoring of your house / apartment / property.

We offer you the possibility of monitoring a given area in HD with the ability to register video and capture sound at the same time. Both video and sound files can be played via virtually any internet browser. You can also preview them on your smartphone after downloading a proper toll-free application.

AirMAX customers can also take advantage of professional FullHD external cameras and internal rotary cameras with the Intercom function. All the discussed sets are suitable for quick installation. After their connection to an AirMAX router, they will become fully operational.

The in-built microSD slot allows for Video HD capture without the utilization of any auxiliary recording devices.

The offered IP cameras are compliant with the ONFIV standard and are fitted with 1.3Mpix to 5Mpix matrixes. HD quality IP cameras provide their users with crisp, clean, and remarkably pleasant video, so it is possible to notice every single detail of a captured event . Such a situation is virtually impossible with analog CCTV devices. Below, there is an exemplary image captured by AirMAX cameras outdoors:

User being in possession of one Internet connections from the AirMAX offer can connect the provided camera to his or her router, set it up anywhere he or she likes and then – monitor his or her habitable space.

Thanks to POE powering system, cameras do not have to be plugged to mains, as they are safely powered via a UTP transmission cable.

To manage the purchased camera, one does not need to install additional software. All it takes is to connect the UTP cable to the router, change access password, and that is it! One can enjoy top quality HD monitoring. Cameras can be managed via any internet browser or a toll-free application for smartphones/tablets. Captured image is automatically stored on a memory card installed inside the camera. There is also the possibility of constantly recording video and saving it to the hard drive of a computer or a NVR recorder compatible with the z ONVIF standard. Our cameras are also equipped with a functionality allowing them to start recording after detecting movement. Emergency recording can be engaged after capturing an event and then, the device can send a short HD movie clip or a set of high definition photos directly to user’s e-mail.

The creation of an advanced system incorporating several IP cameras will also not be a problem. All you have to do is to install proper software on your PC with a Windows or Linux system installed on it. Necessary applications will be included on a separate CD.

A complete HD monitoring set can be yours starting from PLN 299, without any additional subscription fees.

Do not hesitate and start cooperating with us.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology has become an essential aspect of modern-day communication. It allows users to connect to the internet wirelessly, providing easy access to online resources. However, sometimes the signal strength can be a challenge, particularly in areas with many obstructions or long distances between devices.

To address this challenge, BestPartner, a leading manufacturer of WLAN equipment, has developed antennas designed to improve the signal strength of cameras. These antennas have been specially crafted to enhance the coverage and quality of the WLAN signal, enabling users to transmit data over long distances.

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BestPartner's WLAN antennas are also straightforward to install. They come with mounting hardware and instructions, making it easy for users to set them up without professional help. The antennas can be mounted on a wall or a pole, allowing users to position them in the optimal location for the best signal coverage.

In conclusion, BestPartner's WLAN antennas are an excellent solution for anyone looking to improve their camera's signal strength. With their high gain, directional properties, and compatibility with a wide range of devices, they offer an efficient and cost-effective way to enhance your wireless network's coverage and quality. Whether you're a home user or a business owner, BestPartner's WLAN antennas can help you stay connected and productive.