AirMAX – pay-as-you-go business Internet

AirMAX Business PrePaid – no agreements needed.

NO DATA LIMIT (download as much data as you want)

  1. No agreements to conclude
  2. No data limits with regard to file download
  3. Straightforward installation – call us, activate the service, and use it – it is simple!
  4. You pay for the service only when you want to use it
  5. Possibility of setting a fixed global IP address (camera, own server, etc.)

How to quickly and safely order the PrePaid service:

1. Activation

Call us at +48 71 71 70 530, You can activate your own hardware or devices purchased directly from us

2. Trial period

After the activation, you can try our service for free. The trial period lasts for one day, from the moment of activation up to 12:00 P.M.

period payment
1 day 8,00 zł
7 days 31,00 zł
14 days 58,00 zł
30 days 96,00 zł
4 months 318,00 zł
Gross prices inclusive of VAT, since 01.01.2011 VAT tax rate amounts to 23%

3. Payment for a set period

Within the trial period, you can undertake the payment for a period you would like to use the service for. Payment options are as follows:

4. How to make your first payment

The recommended payment method is an electronic payment to the following account: Best Partner, Dunikowskiego 16c Street, 45-631 Opole, account no.: 41 1140 2004 0000 3702 3312 2098, Transfer title: "PREPAID fee and user’s name and surname (in line with data provided during activation)". If the user cannot make a payment that way, he or she can do it in any other way by using the available payment template, and providing the following transfer title: "PREPAID fee and user’s name and surname (in line with data provided during activation)". One has to remember that in the case of cash payments made in banks or in postal offices, transfer processing time can exceed one day, which may be in turn connected with a temporal service deactivation. After making the transfer, the proof of payment can be sent to:

5. Payments for consecutive periods

If our agreement-free service meets your needs, you can undertake the payment for consecutive periods in the same way. You just have to remember to make the payment a few days before the current validity period expiration in order to avoid service deactivation.

Payments can be also made via quick payment platforms. A link redirecting you to the currently used platform will be sent to you a few days before service expiration.