VoIP PBX / IVR server

VoIP phone central site/PBX is the combination of the strongest points of the traditional ISDN/PSTN communication and the GSM technology with the newest advancement of digital technology, being the VoIP center site.

Benefits and opportunities granted by VoIP central sites:

  • Notable limitation of phone call costs – free communication between company’s divisions.
  • Full integration with IVR system
  • Phone call transfer between company’s phones
  • Call center, helpline phone marketing, modern fax, call management
  • Possibility of using landline phone number anywhere
  • Compatibility with traditional phones and VoIP devices
  • Comprehensive itemized phone bills and statistics, live line preview
  • Programmable Dial Plan/ Calling Rules /Time Interval – advanced incoming and outgoing calls redirecting between internal and external lines, depending on transmitter/receiver phone numbers, lines, days of the week, days of the month, and hours.
  • Echo reduction
  • Call redirection – transferring calls with and without a prior notification (attended transfer), call redirecting, awaiting calls management
  • The interactive voice menu system allows for incoming call management, as the caller is handled by a voice mail and chooses desired options using phone keyboard. The system allows for the creation of hands-off helplines, offers substantial help to call center agents, etc.
  • Mini Callcenter – call ordering for call center agents, regardless of target group specificity
  • Call recording – allows for call registration
  • Music on Hold – playing a chosen music track while a caller awaits servicing
  • Voice Mail – allows callers to leave a message to be listened to later
  • Call register or the so-called CDR (Call Detail Records) – detailed register of information on every call incorporating data on caller numbers, call initiation times, call durations, and payments.
  • Compatibility with a number of codecs: ulaw, alaw, GSM, SPECS, ADPCM, and G729
  • Buffer used to eliminate the Jitter effect
  • Outgoing call limitation
  • Internal numeration freedom (with regard to the number of digits)
  • Call HOLD option

IVR is a telecommunication system allowing for an interactive servicing of a caller. After listening to available options, the latter can choose desired options from the menu by using the keyboard of his or her phone.

IVR makes it possible to:

  • Select the type of desired information or service
  • Choose a language in which the desired information will be presented
  • Verify the caller via PIN number or password
  • Integrate and access information from databases (authorized access is also possible).

IVR is a fully integrated information system that can operate 24 hours a day and is capable of handling several calls simultaneously.

We will create a personalized project of a central site or and IVR system basing on your needs. Feel free to start cooperating with us.