Small and medium enterprises

It is exceptionally difficult to operate and become competitive in the world of business without the utilization of reliable and simple telecom solutions. Internet access, phone connection, e-mail messaging, as well as website and online app hosting are all of key importance, regardless of the branch your company operates in and the profile of your undertaking. By providing our customers with highest quality IT and telecoms services, we help them overshadow their competition while at the same time making every day work easier.

The AirMAX offers a wide range of advanced yet simple-to-use services, which can be ordered both separately and in cost-effective packets. Our Internet connections characterized by a fixed reliable speed will help your employees access vital pieces of information quicker, which will translate into time and money saving. Benefits:


  • Comprehensive set of vital tools that can be accessed easily
  • All telecoms-related solutions managed by a single, trustworthy partner
  • Ability to focus on company’s development
  • Reliability and top class support in a reasonable price
  • Remarkable cost cuts and foreseeable costs

Aside from numerous products designed especially for business customers, our offer incorporates several simpler, yet exceptionally useful services that have been created with small and medium enterprises in mind. They will surely make it possible to increase the effectiveness of your business activities.

Our most popular products and services are:

  • Internet access: cost-effective and fast connections
  • Voice transmission services offered in comprehensive, beneficial packets together with IP communication tools.
  • IP and environmental monitoring
  • Flexible hosting and data storage services

Choose a service that suits your needs or contact us. Our experts will be honored to help you and advise you with regard to service selection.