AirExpress connections with a symmetric data transfer - comprehensive solutions for companies.

AirExpress connections with a symmetric data transfer
Fastest symmetric Internet for business and additional tools included in the packet

AirExpress connections are predominantly offered to corporations and large companies, for which the Internet is an integral part of their business operation. We would like to interest you in a safe, fast, and reliable data transmission, which will surely meet the expectations of even the most demanding Customers when it comes to Internet access. AirExpress connections notably improves work quality in companies with numerous divisions, which utilize data transmission for internal communication.

Service incorporates:

  • Phone communication
  • Internet access
  • Allocation of space for your website
  • Localization next to the optic fiber-based tele-transmission bus
  • E-mail accounts with advanced protective measures adopted

Operation of AirExpress connections

AirExpress Internet connections are provided in a way that is the most convenient one for the Client. They may be provided via optic-fiber, Ethernet, or in any other manner ensuring the reliability of the system. Connection can be made at any point covered by the range of the Airmax infrastructure. Customer’s interface is chosen basing on the required transfer, reliability, and on-site infrastructure. Popular connections standards are as follows: 100Base-TX, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-LRm 10GBASE-LR, and 10GBASE-T. Every transmission is covered by a certified SLA and the minimal availability on yearly basis is equal to 99.5%. AirExpress connection is hands-off in nature and does not need any configuration to ensure full safety and data exchange privacy, regardless of whether voice data or video materials are sent.

Benefits of AirExpress connections:

  • Transmission reliability and safety
  • Easy communication with Clients and Partners via the Internet
  • No need to cover any additional costs and invest in IT solutions (connections do not require additional devices or routers to be introduced)
  • Ability to easily adopt the IP VPN (data encryption between divisions)
  • 5 external IP addresses in the packet (with the possibility of purchasing more)
  • 4 phone numbers from a chosen number range with the maintenance of number continuity
  • Possibility of dividing the band between individual computers
  • Full freedom of utilizing digital business solution (document, image, and sound files sending, cash transactions maintenance, access to company-specific information)
  • Constant monitoring of connection condition by our team of experts
  • Wide range of configuration options, most beneficial offer
  • Connection prices start from PLN 1


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AirExpress connections are available in the following options.
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AirExpress options tarff 16Mb tariff 32Mb tariff 64Mb tariff 128Mb tariff 256Mb
Subscription: call us
Max. download / upload speed
from/to the customer:
16Mb / 16Mb 32Mb / 32Mb 64Mb / 64Mb 128Mb / 128Mb 256Mb / 256Mb
Setup fee starting at 1 pln
All the provided prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.
AirExpress options tariff 512Mb tariff 1Gbit tariff 2Gbit tariff 4Gbit tariff 10Gbit
Subscription: call us
Max. download / upload speed
from/to the customer:
512Mb / 512Mb 1024Mb / 1024Mb 2048Mb / 2048Mb 4096Mb / 4096Mb 10240Mb / 10240Mb
Setup fee starting at 1 pln
All the provided prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.