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AirDirect connections with an asymmetric data transfer

AirDirect connections with an asymmetric data transfer
Fast and reliable Internet for the SME sector

AirDirect connections are a professional solution suitable for micro, small, and medium enterprises, as it complies with all the SME requirements with regard to transfer speed and transmission reliability. What is more, the service does not require a phone line to be installed on site. Big companies and corporations looking for highly specific solutions should check out our AirExpress solutions.

Operation of AirDirect connections

AirDirect Internet connections are provided in a way that is the most convenient one for the Client. They may be provided via optic-fiber, Ethernet, or in any other manner ensuring the reliability of the system. Connection can be made at any point covered by the range of the Airmax infrastructure. Customer’s interface is chosen basing on the required transfer, reliability, and on-site infrastructure. Popular connections standards are as follows: 100Base-TX, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-LRm 10GBASE-LR, and 10GBASE-T. Every transmission is covered by a certified SLA and the minimal availability on yearly basis is equal to 99.5%. AirDirect connection is hands-off in nature and does not need any configuration to ensure full safety and data exchange privacy, regardless of whether voice data or video materials are sent.

Benefits of AirDirect connections

  • Transmission reliability and safety
  • Easy communication with Clients and Partners via the Internet
  • No need to cover any additional costs and invest in IT solutions (including the purchase of auxiliary devices and Frame Relay routers)
  • Ability to easily adopt the IP VPN
  • Full freedom of utilizing digital business solution (document, image, and sound files sending, cash transactions maintenance, access to company-specific information)
  • Constant monitoring of connection condition by our team of experts
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Reasonable prices

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AirDirect connections are available in the following options.
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AirDirect connection
16 Mb
32 Mb
64 Mb
128 Mb
256 Mbit
Subscription: contact us
Max. download / upload speed (kbps)
16384 / 2048
32768 / 4096
65536 / 8192
131072 / 16384
262144 / 16384
setup fee
starting at 1 pln
All the provided prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.

AirDirect connection
512 Mbit
1 Gbit
2 Gbit
4 Gbit
10 Gbit
contact us
Max. download / upload speed (kbps)
524288 / 65536
1048576 / 131072
2097152 / 262144
4194304 / 524288
10485760 / 1310720
setup fee
starting at 1 pln
All the provided prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.