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ULTRA-FAST NeoConnect Internet connection – no limits + TOLL-FREE fixed public IP address!

NeoConnect – ultra-fast Internet connection WITHOUT ANY KIND OF DATA TRANSFER LIMIT (you can download as many files as you want) in a reasonable price. The offer has been designed for professional customers who are both demanding and interested in cost-effective solutions.

New tariffs are an ideal choice ensuring quick access to chosen websites, e-mail accounts, movies, music, and all other Internet resources.

NeoConnect also incorporates free, fixed, public IP address, thanks to which you will be able to:

  • Connect your web camera to your PC and publish video clips on your business website
  • Launch an inexpensive VOIP service - see more
  • Launch your very own WWW server, e-mail server, or a service alike
  • Activate many other services requiring a global IP address

Within the scope of the NeoConnect service, we also offer our customers free space for Internet Web site hosting.

What types of connection do we offer?

Can a regional Internet service provider be more efficient than a countrywide?

If your place of residence is covered with the current PRICE-RELATED PROMOTION
(if you have seen our poster or have received our leaflet),

The NeoConnect connection can be ordered by companies within the scope of our standard offer by taking advantage of one of the following options:

NeoConnect PLUS
24 Mb
48 Mb
96 Mb
150 Mb
300 Mb
900 Mb
♦ Globally routable IP address, ♦ e-mail account, ♦ web page hosting
in the price of the subsciption!
36-month agreement – subscription:
35 pln
(after 3 months
70 pln)
37 pln
(after 3 months
74 pln)
41 pln
(after 3 months
82 pln)
44 pln
(after 3 months
88 pln)
48 pln
(after 3 months
96 pln)
54 pln
(after 3 months
108 pln)
24-month agreement – subscription:
41 pln
(after 3 months
82 pln)
43 pln
(after 3 months
86 pln)
46 pln
(after 3 months
92 pln)
49 pln
(after 3 months
98 pln)
56 pln
(after 3 months
112 pln)
59 pln
(after 3 months
118 pln)
12-month agreement – subscription:
49 pln
(after 3 months
98 pln)
52 pln
(after 3 months
104 pln)
55 pln
(after 3 months
110 pln)
58 pln
(after 3 months
116 pln)
65 pln
(after 3 months
130 pln)
70 pln
(after 3 months
140 pln)
Max. transfer speed from/to the Client
24 / 4 Mb
48 / 6 Mb
96 / 10 Mb
150 / 12 Mb
300 / 15 Mb
900 / 30 Mb
Activation cost
(CPE devices)
Given exemplary prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.
Prices for additional services:
Web camera in your company - additional UPLOAD for your Internet connection
99 pln
Blocking Internet access at certain times of day/week (work time protection)
2.99 pln
One-time payment for the installation of an operating system on Client’s computer via our Customer Service Center
50 pln
One-time fee for the transfer of subscription-related authorities: agreement amendment
20 pln
All the provided prices are gross in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.