How to become an AirMAX user?

1. What technical requirements have to be met?

You have to check if your place of residence or business operation is covered by the range of the AirMAX network.

2. What devices are required to establish with the AirMAX network?

Proper devices should support the 5GHz MIMO technology. We highly recommend UBIQUITI devices, namely - Nano Bridge M5 or Nano Station LOCO M5.

In the case of 100Mbit+ sets, one should opt for the NanoBeam M5 25 device fitted with a Gigabit Ethernet port.

3. What is the order realization time?

Access devices, guidebooks in Polish, connection price-lists, as well as exemplary, negotiable agreement templates will be provided to you via the DPD Courier Company within two days from the moment of order placement.

4. Exemplary installation instruction.

Exemplary installation instructions and negotiable agreement blankets can be found in the Support section of the website.

5. When, how and on what conditions is the agreement with your company concluded. When and on what conditions will the ordered service activation procedure take place?

You do not accept the agreement immediately, but rather after the collection, installation, and activation of your set, as well as after the elapse of 14-day trial period. After the collection and installation of your set in compliance with provided guidelines, you should activate it via phone.

Activation is based on the provision of vital personal data and required activation number provided together with the guidelines you will be provided with via phone (contact with the AirMAX company).

From the moment of activation, the TOLL-FREE trial period begins. It lasts at least 14 days, but its duration is negotiable. After its elapse, you can conclude the agreement. We would like to inform all the interested individuals that the exemplary agreement templates are negotiable within the limitations set by applicable law regulations and depend on your interests, individual needs and expectation. Each and every agreement concluded between you and our company will include the negotiated provisions in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, which we would like to prevent at the very initial stage of our cooperation.