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How to setup your internet kit properly? - wireless internet

The kit required for AirMAX Internet connection should include:

  1. Active device installed outside the building
  2. Przewód ekranowany SFTP/FTP, zewnętrzny do 30m
  3. Power over Ethernet adapter
  4. FTP cable (0.5m)
  5. (Optional) WiFi Router

The active device should be installed outdoors at the highest possible point, as far as possible visibly to the AirMAX transmitter.

Connect an SFTP or FTP cable to an active outdoor installation. Inside the building, plug in the SFTP / FTP cable plug to the POE socket, and connect to the LAN or WiFi router.

When purchasing a set, it is recommended to use shielded wires in the outer sheath.

Connection diagram:

Connection diagram - with Wifi router option:

There is no obstacle on the antenna connection line with the object on which the transmitter is located, so there can be no object obscured on that line. This object on which transmitter is located may be slightly visible to the naked eye, but it is intended that no other object be blocked from the location where the antenna is.

Example obstacles can be blocks, trees, forests, other higher surrounding buildings.