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Can a regional Internet service provider be more efficient than a countrywide (LTE Internet, Neostrada, etc.) one?
Local ISPs are closer to their clients.

While looking for a proper Internet offer for your home or office, you surely take into account few basic aspects. In the majority of cases, you look at the availability of the network in a given area, transfer speed, and service price. You can choose from countrywide ISPs who are well-known and have a well-grounded position on the market, as well as local ones, who are gradually more appreciated by new customers.

Satisfaction from telecom services in Poland.

According to this year’s surveys carried out by the LeadR Interactive Agency and IRCenter Research Agency (source:, the citizens of Poland were more inclined to take advantage of services provided by large-scale, countrywide Internet providers. Most influential players on the market were: Orange (Neostrada), UPC, and Netia. However, it is rather unsettling that even though the position of Orange was dominant (it was chosen by ¼ of all users), only a half of the clients claimed that they were satisfied with service quality. Countrywide ISPs, having almost limitless possibilities and launching high-budget advertising campaigns, are frequently unreliable when it comes to the quality of their services. That is why the number of local ISPs on the market is constantly growing. They are filling all the niches and gaps in the offer of big players.

Local Internet providers can give you more!

Contrary to common beliefs, local ISPs can frequently offer their customers more advantageous solutions and state-of-the-art technologies than nationwide leaders in the industry. Their superiority predominantly manifests itself by: a high flexibility of proposed cooperation conditions, no data limits (in contrast to mobile operators), higher transfer speeds, and the possibility of granting their customers various profits (such as loyalty rebates). Price policy is always individually adjusted to the needs of a given customer. Local companies are characterized by their individual approach and a proper understanding of the needs of individuals inhabiting a given area. What is more, all the possible malfunctions are fixed as soon as possible. High quality of service provision results from a high value that every customer has for the company. Users can easily and effectively communicate with their ISPs without the need to contact with answering machines, deal with overwhelming red tape, and risk the negligence of their problem. Internet users taking advantage of local services can always count on quick servicing and factual ISP’s engagement.

Where to look for a good ISP?

While looking for a decent local ISP, popular web browsers can turn out to be useless, especially if we fail to type in keywords that are specific enough. Industry leaders are always put on top of search results, mainly thanks to a tremendous budget spent on Google-related ad campaigns. One can avoid that problem by using Net catalogues, such as the one available at The website keeps a database of reliable local ISPs from the entire country, making it possible for the user to choose the best solution for his or her house or office. To be added to the catalogue, the ISP has to offer top quality services.