Types of internet sets that we offer.

Set I. Nanostation Loco. Works in 802.11a - 5 GHz:

This set works in 5GHzi band, recommended for customers of larger towns. Two types of sets are available, both working in 802.11a (5GHz) standard.

The Router is hermetically installed on the external antenna so that the antenna cable has a minimum length, minimizing attenuation, which provides a very high signal power.

To connect additional computers, you need another device (see below):

Set II. NanoBridge M5

Set working in the 5GHz band. Provides reach over very long distances. Enables MIMO 300Mb technology. The NanoBridge M5 22 also has a built-in router that allows you to share your internet on multiple computers and devices (eg, cell phone, tablet, smart TV).

Set III. NanoBridge M5 + ultra-fast WIFI router 300Mb

The kit consists of the NanoBridge M5 22 as in Set II and the ultra-fast (300Mb) wireless router for wireless broadcast at home or office. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to conveniently, wirelessly work with the Internet at the highest speed and parameters.

Set IV. NanoBeam M5 1Gbit + ultra-fast WIFI router 300Mbit / ETHERNET 1Gbit

For fast tariffs above 100Mbit, a set is required with the NanoBeam M5 25, which has a 1 Gb network port. Power over Ethernet adapter also comes with port of gigabit throughput. With a wireless router equipped with 1 Gb (both LAN and WAN) ports and 300Mbit wireless speeds, it's possible to work at top speeds.

Set V. PowerBeam M5 1Gbit + ultra-fast WIFI router 6Gbit / ETHERNET 1Gbit

The ultra-fast 6 Gbit set, with a maximum wireless speed of 6 Gbit, allows you to achieve top Internet speeds.