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Technical glossary

Live WWW camera transmission. Your camera can send movie clips directly to your website!

Live IP camera video capture sent to your website via AirMAX gateway offers you:

  • No need to install additional software to manage the camera on your PC
  • One data stream for many viewers
  • No transmission when there are no viewers (especially use in the case of such connections as LTE)
  • No need to ask clients to install auxiliary plugins
  • No necessity to install a video player and add it to your website
  • Media servers in Poland, for example – in PLIX
  • After receiving an HTML code and entering it on the website, he or she can start watching!
Our servers allow for:
  • Playing video and sound from IP cameras via HDS, HLS, RTMP, and MPEG-TS protocols.
  • Playing streamed materials on mobile phones and tablets (Android, iPad, iPhone)
  • well as on laptops, personal computers, set top boxes, and smart TVs.
  • Full control over the recipients of the image (number of viewers, IP address, session time).
  • Ability to authorize via an external PHP script
  • Ability to grand access to chosen domains and countries.
  • Registering stream of data from IP cameras to a disc..
  • Immediate video transcoding (bitrate, resolution, etc.)
Max. number of clients able to watch camera footage simultaneously:
max 50
max 100
max 200
max 1000
max 5000
Monthly subscription:
19 pln
36 pln
70 pln
149 pln
298 pln
Weather station (option)
10 pln (example)
All the provided prices are net in character. The VAT tax amounts to 23%.

Video files can be transmitted to phones with Android system installed on them.
Stream statistics
Exemplary statistics of IP camera stream.
Thanks to the introduced solutions, we can offer our customers high quality image transmission live to a virtually unlimited number of users, as well as high quality HDTV.

We deal with complex city servicing with regard to Internet promotion.
Our company is also capable of ensuring online transmission of cultural (concerts and theater performances), sports (tournaments, competitions, matches, races), and scientific events (conferences, lectures, and many more) directly to the interested audience.

Are you interested in online transmission of an organized event? Contact us today!
Are you the owner of a kindergarten or a school? Have you offered parents the possibility of checking what their children do while being in your educational unit yet? Our offer is addressed to every school and kindergarten in Poland. The offered transmission is encrypted and access to it is available only after logging in, so only parents with proper authorizations can check it out.
Expand your website by adding to it a live image from an entertainment or recreation-oriented spot. A camera monitoring the area of a pitch, a playground, or a sports hall is simply a great idea that you should take advantage of.
Camera on a slope or in a close proximity to a ski lift? Would you like to broadcast sports event on the Internet? Now it is not a problem at all. We can support ski resort owners and managers as well.
Art galleries, exhibitions, antique buildings, palaces, historical plays areas, parks, zoos, botanical gardens – those are all places where you can install a high quality camera and broadcast captured images on your website.
Masses, meetings with worshippers, retreats. Live video - >

Would you like to install cameras in vantage points in order to lure tourists to your area? Would you like to show them breathtaking panoramas and landscapes online? Such a solution will surely be a stunning tourist attraction.
Live video footage from your town, captured images from a given market, square, crossing, walkway, or settlement. The presence of cameras will surely increase the general level of safety, as well as increase the number of tourists willing to visit the place. Online video material broadcasting is also a perfect way to promote your town on the Internet for others to see and admire.

Thanks to the WWW recording gateway, you can always start broadcasting Town Council proceedings and transmit the event directly to the website managed by the Town Hall. If you are a conference organizer and would like to publish live footage on your page – look no further. We ensure a comprehensive conference and official proceedings management. Thanks to us, you can show all those important events to all the interested individuals.

Visualization of industrial processes and production processes.
If you would like your customers to see the process of producing ordered elements live, to admire the level of work advancement, or familiarize themselves with innovative solutions to be introduced in a given branch, order online live broadcasting. Thanks to the said service, your both regular and prospective customers will be capable of checking your progress, learning more about technological processes, and broaden their knowledge about your company, which will surely increase the attractiveness of the offered service or product.
Live transmission from a bird’s nest. The possibility of observing birds live in their natural habitat.
Publish video footage from a hotel, pension, beach, or any other entertainment or leisure-oriented place on your webs